2022 Shelby Hamfest Flea Market Information - 2022 Shelby Hamfest

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2022 Shelby Hamfest Flea Market Information

Dealer Info
Flea Market Information
Check back for additional and/or changed information
(we are still in the planning stages, information may change as we approach the hamfest - plans should be finalized by July)

In an effort to simplify the “Land Rush” procedure for obtaining Flea Market spaces on a first come basis (also see bottom for more info)  , we will lock the gates to the fair grounds Sunday August 28, 2022 and will open the back gate as soon as spaces are flagged and ready. Please enter the back parking lot off Kemper Road and park there.  The gates will be opened for short periods of time to keep the traffic flow at a safe level. You should BRING YOUR ADMISSION TICKET or be prepared to purchase a ticket in order to obtain flea market spaces (maximum of 5 spaces per person). Flea Market spaces are $15.00 each.  After you have chosen and paid for your spaces, you will be ready to return home.

You do not have to get your space on Aug. 28, 2022, there will still be good spaces available all the next week and on Friday September 2nd & Saturday morning September 3rd; someone will be on site (9 AM -6 PM the week before the hamfest – we can not provide 24/7 drive up service) to help you.

Each person (with a paid admission ticket) may reserve up to 5 spaces (10’ X 20’) Each person must be present to reserve spaces or send a designated buyer who is NOT buying spaces for themselves. (For example, your spouse or friend could buy 5 spaces for your friend who is not able to be there on Sunday, but “you” can’t buy spaces for your friend if you are buying spaces for yourself). In order to purchase a flea market space, you must GO TO THE SPACE AND BRING BACK THE COLORED FLAG(S) from the spaces you want. (If the space does not have a flag in it that means it has already been rented.) Once you have picked up your flags, take them to the Hamfest Office. They will take your flags, your money, and give you a ticket for each space that you rent (this is your “deed to the property” and shows that it has been properly rented).  We hope that you will find this procedure “user friendly”.

This procedure will be in effect the week before the hamfest and up until the gates are closed to vehicle traffic on the morning of the hamfest.

Please email any questions regarding Flea Market spaces to chairman@shelbyhamfest.org.

*** NEW***
Open Covered Reservable Spaces

***** For those who might like an alternative to the "land rush" and would like a dry, covered space with power, a limited number of spaces will be available in the Dorton Hall and in the Cattle Barn.  These spaces will be $30.00 each.  No tables will be furnished and no vehicles will be allowed in the Cattle Barn Area.  ** If a space is reserved in Dorton Hall it will be open 9-5 on Friday September 3, 8-5 on Saturday September 4 and 8-1 on Sunday (and overnight security is provided).  If you would like information pertaining to the Dorton Hall or Covered Cattle Barn Spaces, or would like to become a vendor at the hamfest please e-mail inside@shelbyhamfest.org
Or call at 704-913-2726
*Notice: No firearm sales, alcohol sales, nor pornographic material in any form may be displayed or sold at the Hamfest Site.

©2022 The Shelby Amateur Radio Club Inc.
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