2022 Shelby Hamfest Golf Cart Rental - 2022 Shelby Hamfest

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2022 Shelby Hamfest Golf Cart Rental

General Info
Please watch and yield to pedestrian traffic.  Wheelchairs and Scooters can be used at anytime for handicapped individuals.
You can bring your own golf cart but will be subject to the same rules as the rental carts.
Golf cart driver must be at 16 years of age and hold a valid state-issued drivers license.  

*Rates for 2021 Golf Cart Rental
*2022 Prices have not been confirmed.  Prices below are subject to change.
Please do not contact our club for Golf Cart Rental Questions, contact Brian Hoyle (information below)

1 Day — $70.00
2 Day — $65.00 Per Day
3 Day — $60.00 Per Day
4 Day — $55.00 Per Day
5+Day — $50.00 Per Day

If there are any questions please call:

Brian Hoyle
Upper Cleveland Golf Cars
5714 Fallston Road
Lawndale NC 28090

** Golf cart drivers observed operating unsafely will be asked to park their cart for duration of the hamfest.

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