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2024 Shelby Hamfest Forums

General Info
FORUM SCHEDULE (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) -  Cattle Show area in the Cattle Barn - See Star on map below.

Forums are Saturday Only - These will be updated closer to hamfest

August 31, 2024 - Forums (check back for any updates)

09:00 AM - ARRL & Division Forum - N2ZZ Dr. Jim Boehner & N2COP Bill Morine

11:00 AM - Some Like it Hot.... A Primer on vacuum tubes and valves by Bill Minikiewicz, W4FSV - Since their invention in 1904, vacuum tubes or valves (as the British call them) dominated 70 years of radio and electronics during the 20th century.  Let's explore some o the history, development and theory under the glass envelopes.

12:30 PM - Ham Radio Clock Build Session by Bill Minikiewicz, W4FSV - This build is for adults and easy enough for children, cost for the build is $10.00 each (cash only)

1:00 PM - Ham Radio at 40,000 ft - by Tom Medlin W5KUB -  This talk will tell about the trackers they build and how they are able to track it every 10 minutes and plot on the map.  They will also talk about their involvement with the shoot down of a pico balloon by the USAF.     This talk will primarily focus on tracking small pico ballons going around the world and will also talk about the large weather balloons with cameras and tracking.

We would also like to offer space for national group gatherings on Saturday.  If you would like to be a part of the forums and gatherings, click here to email for more information with the topic you'd like to present a forum on or group which would like to gather.

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